LNG 105 Academic English for International Students 3(3-0-6)

Prerequisites: none

The course aims at developing academic English skills necessary for learners in an international program. The learning and teaching involve the integration of the four language skills, thinking skills and autonomous learning. In terms of reading, the course focuses on academic reading, reading for main ideas, summarizing skills, critical reading and interpretation skills. In terms of writing, the emphasis is on process writing and academic writing to enable learners to effectively use the information gained from reading to support their statements, and to use appropriate citation to avoid plagiarism. Learners will also use dictionaries, grammar books, and appropriate information and communication technology to assist in their writing. In terms of speaking, the focus is on impromptu situations, oral presentation, and the sharing and exchanging of ideas on issues related to the learners’ content areas. In terms of listening, the focus is on listening to English lectures and taking notes.