The Foreign Language Unit (FLU) offers a wide range of specially focused English courses for students of all levels. To see more details click here







Self-Access Learning Centre

SALC is located on the 4th floor, school of Liberal Arts, KMUTT. The aim of the centre is to provide self-access learning services for KMUTT students and all staff who want to practise language skills and take charge of their own learning in the centre. Clik here to visit our website


Counseling Service






Meet SALC counsellers either ‘face-to-face’ or ‘Chat through the Internet’ mode. The services include: training how to be independent learners, identifying needs, setting goals and learning plans, selecting materials and learning strategies, recording and evaluating strength, weakness and progress.

For more information, please contact shannoy.vas@kmutt.ac.th




SALC Activities

SALC Activities are provided to support self-access learning for KMUTT student and staff. Learning choices are offered for you to improve your English skills according to your own needs through clubs and workshops. To see our activities calendar click here.









You can improve your English anywhere anytime if you want. We also provides a resources bank for you to learn. You can meet us through online learning space here.

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