Financial Information

Tuition Fee
The fee is 25,000 baht for a semester. Each credit costs 3,000 baht (for both Thai and foreign students).

Financial Aid
The Department offers several sources of financial support for the candidates: teaching, assisting, or receiving a grant/scholarship. Candidates can apply to teach courses at the undergraduate level. You can also work as an assistant in teaching (Teaching Assistant), or research (Research Assistant), or to the Self-Access Learning Center and Resource Center (SALC and RC Assistant). Scholarships and grants are also available if you maintain good academic performance.

The faculty provides funding for you to present the paper in an international conference in Thailand and you also have 25,000 Baht subsidy which can be used to either present the paper in the international conference overseas or to go abroad and to do research take  courses with university overseas.

You can also get funding to present a paper in an international conference in Thailand but that conference has to have proceedings.