Current PhD Students



Name – surname
Thesis Title
First Supervisor 
Second Supervisor
1 Ms. Chamaiporn  Buddharat An Ethnographic Study on the Role of English in Ban Khiriwong, Thailand Assoc.Prof. Sonthida Keyuravong -
2 Mr. Thomas Guy Hamilton Categories of Spelling Errors for Thai Spellers of English Assoc.Prof.Dr. Richard Watson Todd -
3 Ms. Kunthida  Rungruengkiat Epistemological beliefs about culture among Thai social sciences teachers Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pornapit Darasawang -
4 Ms. Punjaporn  Pojanapunya Analysing keywords in research articles to develop a theory of keywords Assoc.Prof.Dr. Richard Watson Todd -
5 Mrs. Angvarrah Lieungnapar A Prototype theory  approach in identifying genrers of popular science Assoc.Prof.Dr. Richard Watson Todd Asst.Prof.Dr. Wannapa Trakulkasemsuk
6 Ms. Montarat  Rungruangthum Cyber deception : Linguistic and Discourse Features used by truth – tellers and deciever in  Thai Online Chat Assoc.Prof.Dr. Richard Watson Todd Asst.Prof.Dr. Pamararat Wiriyakarun
7 Ms. Phuttharaksa  Yantraprakorn The study of self-efficacious foreign language learners in distance learning mode Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pornapit Darasawang -
8 Ms. Wen Wen  Tian Developing Analytical Frameworks for Analyzing Face-to-face PhD Supervisory Discourse Asst.Prof.Dr. Wareesiri Singhasiri -
9 Ms. Parinda  Jantori Native and Non-Native English Speaker Teachers’ Beliefs in Writing Assessment Asst.Prof. Dr. Saowaluck Tepsuriwong Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pornapit Darasawang
10 Ms. Archana  Joshi Exploring the Effects of a Constructionist Classroom Learning environment on EFL Learning of Young Learners in Thailand Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pornapit Darasawang -
11 Mr. Pornpol  Wuttikrikunlaya The Use of Online Tools in An English Written Task by Thai Undergraduate Students Asst.Prof. Dr. Wareesiri Singhasiri Assoc.Prof. Sonthida Keyuravong
12 Mr. Daron Benjamin Loo Discursive Positioniry of Self/Others as teachers of culture in a foreign language classroom. Asst.Prof.Dr. Wannapa Trakulkasemsuk Asst.Prof. Dr. Pattamawas Jimarkon Zilli
13 Mr. Stuart  Towns Investigating writing quality Assoc.Prof.Dr. Richard Watson Todd -
14 Ms. Jariya  Sudtho Pre-Service teachers’ professional identity Asst. Prof. Dr. Wareesiri Singhasiri -
15 Mrs. Urarat  Parnrod A Study of Learning Strategies Used by Thai Engineering Students with Dominant Learning Styles to complete Different Types of Language Tasks Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pornapit Darasawang Asst.Prof. Dr. Wareesiri  Singhasiri
16 Mr. Amin  Dehghan Independent learning through the use of Data Driven Learning Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pornapit Darasawang Dr. Hayo Reinders
17 Mr. Jeffrey Dawala Wilang Foreign language anxiety and the intelligibility of Englishes as a lingua franca Asst. Prof. Dr. Wareesiri Singhasiri -
18 Ms. Chatrawee Intraboonsom Connection between teacher autonomy and learner autonomy Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pornapit Darasawang Dr. Hayo Reinders
19 Ms. Prach  Aowsakorn A study of arguments in Thai language Textbooks. Asst. Prof. Dr. Richard Wastson Todd Asst. Prof. Dr. Saowaluck Tepsuriwong
20 Mrs. Rattima  Thanyathamrongkul Code-shifting in primary classroom in the north of Thailand Asst. Prof. Dr. Wareesiri  Singhasiri Assoc.Prof. Sonthida Keyuravong
21 Mr. Lin Hai Identity Exploration : A Narrative Inquiry into International Queer EFL Teachers’ Lives Asst.Prof.Dr. Wannapa Trakulkasemsuk Asst.Prof. Dr. Pattamawas Jimarkon Zilli
22 Ms.Piyarat  Pipattarkul The use of self-regulated learning strategies employed by low proficient Thai science and technology students in English laungage learnning contexts Asst. Prof. Dr. Wareesiri  Singhasiri -
23 Ms. Sapamol  Penseeta Conceptual references and orientations in swquential discouese Assoc.Prof.Dr. Richard Watson Todd Dr. Woravut Jaroongkhongdach
24 Ms. Tabtip  Kanchanapoomi English as a Lingua Franca in an International Business Context between Thai and Myanmar construction Professional Asst.Prof.Dr. Wannapa Trakulkasemsuk -
25 Mrs. Watcharee Wongthanet Contrastive Rhetoric in English,Chinese and Thai News Discourse. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Richard Watson Todd -
26 Mr. Eric  Ambele In progress
27 Ms. Thiwaporn  Thawarom In progress
28 Mr. Naratip Jindapitak In progress
29 Ms. Manthana  Pandee In progress