Student Feedback about Helpfulness of SAT
E.g., 96% of students found the SAT to be helpful and 67% felt that Text Highlighting was the most helpful in answering questions correctly.

Student Info and Scores
E.g., Student #1 got 7 right with no support and 4 right with support for a total of 11/15.

Student answers to questions
E.g. Student #1 answerd B, C, C, D, B on Dance, and on the second try answered A to #3 (correct) and C to #5 (incorrect)

Time to answer questions based on support type
E.g. Students spent an average of 3:12 answering Highlighting questions

Number of correct answers for non-support questions (Item Facility)
E.g. 100% of the students answered Dance #4 correctly with no support, but only 40% answered Dance #3 correctly with no support

Question Type vs Support Type
E.g., Text Glossary helps improve scores of Question Type 4 by 64% but only improves scores of Question Type 1 by 35%.