Language Studies

Our Responsibilities: 

1. Teaching fundamental English courses and elective courses including English and other languages to undergraduates and post graduates from all faculties of KMUTT. Also, the department offers special courses to develop English language skills for KMUTT staffs and students, including any interested people. The present courses are as follows:

  • Compulsory courses
  • Elective courses

2. Teaching a Master of Arts and PhD program in English. The department offers these programs as an international one where all courses are taught in English. Currently, there are two Master Degree programs: M.A. in Applied Linguistics (English Language Teaching), which is opened for both weekday and weekend program, and M.A. in English for Professional and International Communication, which is opened for weekend program. Also, the department offers the PhD program in Applied Linguistics. For more information of each program, please follow the links below: