Thanaporn Srisunakrua


Title :

Position : Lecturer

Department : Language

Educational background :

Year Degree earned Institution
B.A. Khon Kaen university
M.A. in Applied Linguistics KMUTT

Professional experience :
5 years experience in Teaching English Specialist Certificate in Oral Communication Training, RELC

Research interests :
– Technology in Language Learning.
– Reading in a Foreign Language

Publications :

Conference proceedings

  • Srisunakrua, T. & Pojanapunya, P. (2010). Students’ Perceptions of Engaging a Virtual World in a Communication Task. Selected paper in the Proceedings from ICLC 2010: The 2nd International Conference on Language and Communication: Dynamism of Language and Communication in Society (pp. 117-126). 5 – 6 August, Bangkok: The National Institute of Development Administration.
  • Tepsuriwong, S. & Srisunakrua, T. (2009). Degrees of Learner-centredness in Thai Tertiary English Courses. Proceedings of the 13th English in South-East Asia Conference: English and Literatures-in-English in a Globalised World (pp. 363-377). 4 – 6 December 2008, Singapore: National Institute of Education.

Contact Number : 02 470 8763

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