Report of Thailand and Vietnamese

Student Feedback about Helpfulness of SAT
E.g., 96% of students found the SAT to be helpful and 67% felt that Text Highlighting was the most helpful in answering questions correctly.

Student Info and Scores
E.g., Student #1 got 7 right with no support and 4 right with support for a total of 11/15.

Student answers to questions
E.g., Student #1 answerd B, C, C, D, B on Dance, and on the second try answered A to #3 (correct) and C to #5 (incorrect)

Time to Answer Questions
Lists the student names, IDs, texts that they saw, and the amount of time for each question. For the first time through each text, all 5 questions are shown, so there is only one time. For the third text, there is a time for 1) all five questions, 2) the time it takes them to choose a support for each question, 3) the time it takes them to answer the question after choosing the support.

Student choice of support on Text#3
E.g. Student #1 had Atmosphere and chose Text Glossary on Q1, Highlighting on Q3, Question Glossary on Q4, and Highlighting on Q5.

Effects of support and Effects of support by question (Format C)

By question type

Point Biserial Correlation
Is there any correlation between the students' perception of which support is most useful and the support that is actually the most useful one for each student? (Short answer: No correlation at all.)

Perceptions, choice and effectiveness