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The Conference Programme Committee will produce the proceedings to collect full papers of the conference. The proceedings will be produced in both online and published formats. The published proceedings will consist of selected papers in book format and other papers in CD format.


Paper submission guidelines:

Research articles should be approximately 3,000-6,000 words excluding bibliography and appendices (with a total maximum length of 8,000 words).

Only papers and poster presentations can lead to paper submission.

Submission must contain original work and must not be under consideration or published elsewhere.  Manuscripts not complying with these rules will be rejected.


All articles submitted should use the following conventions:

  1. Text should be single-spaced 12 point Time New Roman font with 1 inch margins on all sides.
  2. Articles should start with the title, author's name and affiliation, and abstract (indented on both sides).
  3. Single spaces should be inserted at the end of sentences.
  4. Text should be justified for paragraph alignment.
  5. Paragraphs should be indented without a line space.
  6. Page numbers should be inserted in the bottom right of each page.
  7. Three levels of section headings can be used. All sections should be numbered (e.g. 4.; 4.1; 4.1.1). Top-level headings are in bold; Level 2 headings in bold and italics; Level 3 headings in italics.
  8. Use APA style for citations and references.
  9. Tables and figures should be titled and numbered.
  10. Files should be submitted as *Word* documents (if this is not possible, please submit as .rtf).
  11. For formatting, please use Tabs, Page breaks and the ruler, rather than multiple spaces or Returns).

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically by e-mail as an attachment in Word format by 3rd April 2017, to  In the e-mail subject line, please type ‘DRAL 3/ESEA 2017 paper submission (Author’s name).’


 Click here to download Sample format.