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Proceedings of the International Conference: 

Doing Research in Applied Linguistics 3 /
English in South-East Asia Conference 2017 (DRAL 3/ESEA 2017)


Selected Papers for DRAL 3/19th ESEA Proceedings


DRAL_ESEA_2017_Proceeding Front Cover

1-14_Lexical bundles in authentic and business English textbook emails_
Aroonrung Siricharoen and Raksangob Wijitsopon

15-34_Pronouns, social actors, and modality types of politics_
Chatchawan Chaiyasat and Melada Sudajit-apa

35-44_Expanding the individual research 'Bubble' through 
student collaboration and mentoring-
Clay Williams

45-58_Trust the researcher_
Daron Loo

59-76_The study of English codes and jargons
Gladys Matias

77-93_Methodological lessons learned from conducting reflexive linguistic ethnography_
James M Hall

94-104_Silence of Japanese students in a Thai EFL context_
Jeffrey Wilang

105-114_An exploration of kinship terms of Hokkien Chinese-Indonesians in Surabaya_
Jenny Ngo

115-124_The quality of choices determines the quantity of Key words_
Punjaporn Pojanapunya and Angvarrah Lieungnapar

125-134_Serendipity in research and the threat of technology_
Richard Watson Todd

135-145_I still haven't found what I'm looking for_
Stephen Louw

146-155_Methods for identifying relations and associations in text_
Stuart Towns and Richard Watson Todd

DRAL_ESEA_2017_Proceeding Back Cover


Additional Papers for the DRAL 3/19th ESEA Online Proceedings


156-180_The real story of English language teaching in Syrian high schools_
Batoul Khoja and Debasish Mohapatra

181-194_Adding rigour to language variety continua_
Eric Ambele and Richard Watson Todd

195-203_The dynamic construction of identity in the ELF intercultural communication_
Farah Aimee Virador

204-211.Evidence-based data collection in the study of self-efficacy_
Jariya Sudtho and Punjaporn Pojanapunya

212-224_Armies of two effective one-to-one writing tutorials_
Jeremy Phillips and Hilda Fok

225-235_The lexis of Christian sermons in English_
Joseph Jayakar

236-251_ESLEFL classroom and culture_An Indian context_
Kamruzzamam Choudhury

252-263_Lesson Openings_
Khin Soe Myint Aung and Saowaluck Tepsuriwong

264-279_A case study of teachers_ beliefs and practices with English-medium Instruction
Lingrui Xu and Maneerat Chuaychoowong

280-290_When one size doesn't fit all_
Philip Brannan

291-304_Genre analysis in letter of application and syllabus design_
Pratabjai Tatsanajamsuk

305-311_Enhancing Students' Language Competencies through Collaborative Learning_
Raziel Felix-Aguelo

312-327_Engagement in literature reviews_
Supattra Amornrattanasirichok and Woravut Jaroongkhongdach

328-337_Exploring logical thinking through the use of logical connectors_
Tripoom Rojanavarakul and Woravut Jaroongkhongdach

338-359_Maam, let me tell you our story_
Wan Yau Ni

360-367 Reimagining Southeast Asian Englishes in formal and informal ELF interactions_