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List of presenters and links to papers

Names are listed alphabetically.
Please note: Papers are being added to this page as they come in. Please check back here for additions.

Presenter/s Session Title
Andrew Sewell The end of innocence: applied linguistics and boundary-drawing in the new age of nationalism

Andy Kirkpatrick
An ELF-aware Approach to ELT

Batoul Khoja and Debasish Mohapatra
The real story of English language teaching in Syrian high schools and the bumpy transition into the university level

Chatchawan Chaiyasat and Melada Sudajit-Apa
Pronouns, Social actors and modality types of politics: A corpus-assisted critical discourse analysis of General Prayuth Chan-o-cha's weekly addresses in times of political crisis

Daron Benjamin Loo
Trust the Researcher? Autoethnography as a Tool to Study English Teaching Professionals
Duangkamon Winitkun
Teaching English Pronunciation among Thai Engineering EFL
Learners: Percdeption, Problems and Solutions


Geff Heathman
The use of technology from the periphery to the core of English in education via innovation, transformation and execution
James McLellan Reimagining Southeast Asian Englishes as codemixed varieties: does this apply differently to outer circle and expanding circle varieties?

Jenny Ngo
An exploration of kinship terms of Hokkien Chinese-Indonesians in Surabaya

Mark B. Ulla

Filipinos as NNES-EFL Teachers in Thailand: Challenges and Opportunities

Michael Yeldham
Conducting verbal reports with L2 listeners

Najib Noorashid and James McLellan

“I speak English, but I’m still a Malay”: Language attitudes and identity amongst bilingual Bruneians living in London.

Punjaporn Pojanapunya and Angvarrah Lieungnapa
The quality of choices determines the quantity of Key words

Richard Watson Todd

Serendipity in research and the threat of technology

Stephen Louw
I still haven't found what I'm looking for: Triangulation for interpreting data

Stuart G. Towns and Richard Watson Todd
Methods for Identifying Relations and Associations in Text

Tripoom Rojanavarakul and Woravut Jaroongkhongdach
Exploring in Logical Thinking through the Use of Logical Connectors
Xu Lingrui A Case Study of Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices with English-medium
Instruction (EMI) at Mae Fah Luang University