AUN-2 ข้อกำหนดหลักสูตร (Program Specification)

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2.1 The university uses programme specification

2.2 The programme specification shows the expected learning outcomes and how this can be achieved.
     The information provided on the faculty website includes:

  1. The name of the programme, department, faculty and university.
  2. The name of the degree.
  3. The programme’s philosophy, objectives, and learning outcomes.
  4. Admission process, schedule, and requirements
  5. Study plan
  6. Curriculum (courses and descriptions)
  7. Course structure
  8. Estimate expenses
  9. Contact information

2.3 The programme specification is informative, communicated, and made available to the stakeholders
     As the programme specification is published online, stakeholders can always access to the information. To make sure that the online media are known to the stakeholders, the program, the department and the faculty try to promote them. The website address is provided in the brochure, the faculty journal, advertisement banners, and some other media types.
Also, as the programme has its facebook page, the stakeholders, current and future students, and other related individuals can post their queries and/or exchange their information about the programme freely all the time.