AUN-6 คุณภาพบุคลากรสายวิชาการ (Academic staff Quality)

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The faculty select academic staff members who are appropriate for the assigned position and duty in order to serve the faculty’s missions. The selection is based on rules, regulations and criteria set by the university. Moreover, it must follow the faculty’s human resource plan so as to support teaching, learning, and services.

    The faculty assign workload (i.e. teaching, research supervision, research committee, academic advisor) to the staff members based on individaus’ experience and expertise.

      The faculty apply an evaluation system (My Evaluation) produced by the university to evaluate the staff members’ work efficacy for career advancement and promotion. The evaluation is divided into 5 categories namely 1. Teaching, 2. Academic work, 3. Administrative work, 4. Services, 5. Resources. (See also attachment 1)