AUN-2 ข้อกำหนดหลักสูตร (Program Specification)

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     The faculty has published all the programme specifications offered on the website. This includes objectives of the programme, programme content, and their structures. Therefore, stakeholders can access the information of the programme easily to the website if they want to know about the programme. Even though the intended outcomes were not explicitly presented in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes; the objectives of the programme, the course outlines, and requirement for graduation were presented explicitly on the website of the faculty at (See Appendix 6_Programme profile). In addition, the details of the programme and study plan were printed out and present to the new students. (See Appendix 7_PhD orientation).  However, the detailed information which links courses with the outcomes of the programme has not been presented on the website yet because it is complicated and the committee has discussed how to present it in a meaningful way.   In order to draft specification of the programme, the committee studied other PhD programmes in the university and curriculum standard of the Ministry of Education. Because it is designed to be a research-oriented programme, the credits offered are 48 credits, with 48-credit thesis for Plan A, and 12 credit-course work and 36-credit thesis for Plan B. The committee also discussed how the credits would be broken down in order to show students’ progress in their research study by combining process and products of research (See Appendix 5_PhD Documents: Topic 8 Assigning credits on p.10).  Programme learning outcomes (PLO) was drafted and the courses as well as activities are linked with the PLO.